Winning with the sure bet-bet on Bet at Home

It is divided by the share of Player A on a first bookmaker Bet at Home and 1 divided by the share of player B on the second bookmaker Bet365, if the result is less than 1, you earn the difference.

Example SureBetting: Federer ( tennis player A) and Djokovic ( tennis player B). The two bookmakers – Bet at Home and Bet365 therefore offer different levels for the same result.

In this case, here is the calculation of the sure bet:

For that Federer is the best odds 1.70, then 1.70 is 1 divided by 0.588

If you bet on Federer to 1.70 € 58.80 and € 30.30 on Djokovic’s win at 3:30 am, you have wagered in total: € 58.80 + € 30.30 = € 89.10

Let’s see what happens with the first result, the victory Federer: € 58.80 share of 1.70 make you win € 99.96
With the second result of the victory of Djokovic: € 30.30 3:30 make you win share of € 99.99

At the end of the meeting between Bet at home and Bet365, the bet will be a winner and the other the loser. But whatever the final result, you will have gained about 11 € without risk.

Although the method is considered a sure bet “safe ” to apply it to better serve many of the calculations, huge amounts of capital and excellent ability to move between Bet at Home and Bet365, and between the various methods of payment. It is not as simple as it seems, well informed and always play responsibly. Good Luck!

Online betting raises to € 1.6 billion

A growing volume of business of the company headed by Fabrizio D’Aloia: in 2011 the market share increases by 10 percent

Gain market share even in times of crisis with innovative products. And ‘ strategy Micrograme, Sunni society service provider leader in the gaming market at a distance, that closes 2011 with a real record collection in the field rises to 1.6 billion euro. The collection is growing by 10 percent over the previous year. In short, despite the difficult times more and more people play games on the web and it does so using more and more of a platform SANNITA Microgame, chaired by Fabrizio D’ Aloia. Suffice it to say that the only circuit People’s Poker (one of those created and managed by the company of Benevento ) has posted a collection of over 1.2 billion euro by as much as 27.5 per cent of the total volume ( 4.5 billion ) deposits obtained with the new version of online poker was launched in July ( according to data from Agiscommesse, business operator ).

The only real rival Micrograme, as stated on Agicoscommesse, is the poker room that closes 2011 poker cash game with more than 23 percent of the stakes, over 1 billion euro.

In short, the Italian poker has a great ruler : Microgame it collects more than a quarter of the collection of poker cash games. But it is not the only news which concerns the operator Sunni. Thanks to these figures, in fact, the accounts of 2011 will close with a positive trend and then with a good profit for the year. There is also another news : Microgame is ready to invest in Scandone Basket, which plays in society irpina A1 and living a complicated period. “We are ready – says D’Aloia – to support the project with a medium to long term this glorious basketball team. Our goal – reveals – is to create a marketing support team so that is also known outside of Campania and amplii the audience of fans.

” Among the future projects of the company there is also the IPO. ” At this time – says D’Aloia – still can not program if and when it comes to land at Piazza Affari. There are so many elements to be defined, including the way out of the investment funds. ” Microgame offers its services to more than 60 Italian and international gaming operators, each of which is free to implement its own trade policy and marketing their brands.

The physiology of betting

Before going into detail, it is useful to explain the phenomena involved in addiction, pathological betting, and here you must make a short introduction on the neurotransmitters involved, specifically, even in this form of addiction.

In our body, in fact, the nerve impulse is possible for the presence of these substances can create the connection between two different neural structures. The best known are the neurotransmitters, acetylcholine, noradrenaline, dopamine, serotonin.

When in the synapses, which are the intervening space between two nerve cells, comes the urge appropriate, are issued neutrosmettitori that you go to where it is needed to fix the stress of a particular function, eg, the secretion of the glands; paid its function, the neurotransmitter is degraded by specific enzymes. Since neurotransmitters are also involved in the delicate mechanism that regulates pleasure, even physical, in the pathological gambler, betting, to get into the game would be at least three substances involved in the phenomenon:

  • noradrenaline, attributed the attitude of the individual to adapt the situation in each proposal,
  • serotonin, responsible for not being able to do without the game, without suffering, given the position offered from this substance
  • dopamine, which would be implicated in addiction to gambling, including involvement of the limbic system, the part of the nervous system deputy elaboration of emotions and that becomes part of the memory, evoking emotions in it

The malfunction of this system would go into motion by altering the ” reward system ” raison therefore, the pathological gambler is unable to get pleasure if not with emotions above a certain threshold, or strong emotions, such as the risk of losing assets or hope to win it.