Winning with the sure bet-bet on Bet at Home

It is divided by the share of Player A on a first bookmaker Bet at Home and 1 divided by the share of player B on the second bookmaker Bet365, if the result is less than 1, you earn the difference.

Example SureBetting: Federer ( tennis player A) and Djokovic ( tennis player B). The two bookmakers – Bet at Home and Bet365 therefore offer different levels for the same result.

In this case, here is the calculation of the sure bet:

For that Federer is the best odds 1.70, then 1.70 is 1 divided by 0.588

If you bet on Federer to 1.70 € 58.80 and € 30.30 on Djokovic’s win at 3:30 am, you have wagered in total: € 58.80 + € 30.30 = € 89.10

Let’s see what happens with the first result, the victory Federer: € 58.80 share of 1.70 make you win € 99.96
With the second result of the victory of Djokovic: € 30.30 3:30 make you win share of € 99.99

At the end of the meeting between Bet at home and Bet365, the bet will be a winner and the other the loser. But whatever the final result, you will have gained about 11 € without risk.

Although the method is considered a sure bet “safe ” to apply it to better serve many of the calculations, huge amounts of capital and excellent ability to move between Bet at Home and Bet365, and between the various methods of payment. It is not as simple as it seems, well informed and always play responsibly. Good Luck!

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